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Geo Search

SC Geo Search SRL is a company established in 2006 and headquartered in Cluj Napoca. The company acquired two drilling machines until 2008, as follows: Geotool LMSR Vk and Hydra Joy 3, and laid the foundation of the Geotechnical Testing Laboratory in 2010. To date, the laboratory received the classification of a IInd Class Laboratory, and new equipment is being acquired by the company each and every year in order to be able to perform a wide range of testworks.

The company’s policy aims at continuous development and diversification of its services.  Thus, the company entered a new market sector in 2011, i.e. the sector of sites and buildings monitoring (through Inclinometric Monitoring, topographic survey monitoring services and TDR – Time Domain Reflectometry). Moreover, the company acquired additional equipment to control the quality of earthworks (Static and Dynamic Load Plate Tests).

By having 10 years of experience on our side, we are able to provide expert services on geotechnical engineering, geotechnical and structural design, topographic surveying services, technical assistance and sustainable works monitoring services. These services may be supplied due to the expert departments of Work Performance, Geotechnical Laboratory, and Designing Units.

Our company established partnerships so as to complete its wide range of supplied services:

  • RockStudy Ltd.: rocks mechanics and tunnels designing
  • Bekes Dren: building drains and special foundation footings.
  • Golder Associates Hungary: environmental projects and hydrogeological expertise
  • SBR Soletanche Bachy Romania: special foundations and improvement of foundation ground


The company’s personnel consist of 18 experts (young geologists, geo-technicians and designers). To date, we have performed works throughout the entire territory of Romania, mainly within its Northwestern area.

Our company has started a joint internship program, together with Cluj Napoca Babeș Bolyai University since 2012, a program aimed at senior students and Master’s students learning within the Department of Geology.

A detailed geotechnical investigation leads to an economy in the execution stage

In soil mechanics the accuracy of computed results never exceeds that of a crude estimate, and the principal function of theory consists in teaching us what and how to observe in the field.

— [Karl Terzaghi].