Geotechnical Designing

A detailed geotechnical investigation leads to an economy in the execution stage

What are geotechnical studies?

Geotechnical studies are the most common form of geotechnical documentation, and they are recommended in designing any kind of construction. Specifically, these studies provide conclusive data on the nature of the land under investigation, with the aim of choosing the appropriate resistance structure for the land in question.

What are the stages of conducting a geotechnical study?

For a geotechnical study to be complete, it is necessary to go through several stages. Among the most important are:

Performing geotechnical drilling. The number of drillings and their depth are determined by the type of construction desired. Following these drills, ground samples are taken
Analysis of soil samples at a specialized laboratory to determine the main mechanical characteristics
The actual writing of the geotechnical study based on the information obtained in the first two stages. Also, in this report, we also present our recommendations on the field investigated.

Why are geotechnical studies important?

Geotechnical studies are important because they will design the new and economically efficient new construction. Thus, by investing initially in a high-quality geotechnical study, you can save money that would later be spent on the problems reported by a possible geotechnical study.