Geotechnical Studies and Slope Stability Monitoring

Geotechnical Studies and Slope Stability Monitoring


Performed works

Our company has been successfully working together with UAC Europe since 2011 and to date. During this time, we have contributed with geotechnical expertise in all UAC Factory expansion works. The factory is located within a hilly area with active dynamic processes. The geological structure of the basement is heterogeneous, consisting of marl successions, clays and sand intercalations, being crossed by scattered springs. To date, we have achieved the followings during different campaigns:

  • 20 geotechnical boreholes advanced by using continuous core drillings, out of which 17 are equipped to allow inclinometric monitoring with ABS proofed tubing, fast coupling at depths ranging between 14.5 and 25.0 m
  • 8 boreholes equipped so as to monitor the level of ground waters
  • Laboratory tests on identification of physical properties of explored soils, as well as shearing strength and compressibility parameters
  • Recommendations and assistance provided on vertical development of soils and substructures
  • Assistance and quality control on developing the drainage system.

Current tasks

We are monitoring the developed soils stability, covering a total area of 11.5 ha by using 7 inclinometric installations and 4 piezometric installations, and through monthly readings