In-Situ Investigations


The geotechnical works are based on mapping the explored land by performing an inventory of all natural and human-made features, which may impact the geotechnical aim. The mapping is conducted on an adequate topographic support, which may be a detailed topographic survey, a published topographic map or an aerial orthophotography. Our services include the following mapping services:

  • Morphological and geological features of the land
  • Geotechnical relevant features (dynamic events, hygrophilous vegetation, etc…)
  • Detailed documentation of outcrops, excavations (lithology, consistency, shearing strength, etc…)
  • 3D documentation with geological references of outcrops occurring within hard rocks (lithology, tectonics, fragmentation level, etc… )
  • Aerial imaging - ortho photogrammetry

A detailed geotechnical investigation leads to an economy in the execution stage