Slope Stability Study for Tetarom I Area

Slope Stability Study for Tetarom I Area


Performed works

The site is located within a hilly area, which is problematic from stability point of view, due to the fact that active dynamic areas have been identified. The succession consists of four main units: topsoil and backfills, diluvium unit, Moigrad Formation and Mera Formation. The last two formations are the stable layer. The upper side may have stability issues, especially because the depth of the diluvium unit is 7-10m. Several field works have been performed to identify these areas:

  • 6 boreholes advanced down to 15 m
  • 4 heavy dynamic penetrations
  • Inclinometric equipment for one geotechnical borehole
  • The inclinometric and piezometric equipment (sensor with vibrating thread) of two geotechnical boreholes (second campaign);
  • Laboratory tests: physical properties, mechanical parameters necessary to establish shear strength (consolidated-drained conditions CD)

The laboratory tests confirmed the assumption of weaker layers, these having lower values for their mechanical parameters.

The data assessment resulted in a geotechnical study and a 3D model of the layers.